God is transforming and releasing uncommon influencers all over the earth who are often considered the least likely. They are carrying the undefeated love and supernatural power of God everywhere. These are those who have been ruined by Jesus and want to be used by Him to do the same to those in their sphere of influence. The Ruined recognize no one and nothing is off-limits from having a moment with God. They have been ruined for casual, ruined for discouragement, RUINED for normal!
This message will help you live a life that is surrendered to the Lord, allowing you to pursue a life a holiness and integrity. You’ll discover fresh passion to present and demonstrate the love and power of God. Habits, strategies, and tools fill the pages of this book and they will help you become a faithful follower of Jesus. You will practically learn how to partner with Holy Spirit to minister to people everywhere you go. You’ll draw from unforgettable stories and powerful truth as they develop fearless courage and an appetite for the impossible on the inside of you. This book comes with a warning label: You will be RUINED for normal!


THE RUINED PACKAGE: Along with the RUINED book, you will get a digital copy of the companion sermon “Dangerous Places”

How do you go from having revival to sustaining it? How do you live the radical call of God on your life when everything around you is so ordinary? One of the biggest lies on this generation is “just be normal”. It’s time to ruin yourself for normal! Hear incredible stories from Pastor Chris & his family’s life, while imparting to you a warriors way of thinking on how to make any place you set foot in a DANGEROUS PLACE!