DANGEROUS PLACES“It’s time to be ruined for normal”

How do you go from having revival to sustaining it? How do you live the radical call of God on your life when everything around you is so ordinary? One of the biggest lies on this generation is “just be normal”. In this message Chris shares it’s time to ruin yourself for normal! Hear incredible stories from Chris & his family’s life, while imparting to you a warriors way of thinking on how to make any place you set foot in a DANGEROUS PLACE!

Dangerous Places

DISTINGUISH YOURSELF“…In all matters of wisdom & understanding, the king examined them and found them to be ten times greater” – Daniel 1:20

What is going to set you apart from all the others who do what you do, say what you say, & know what you know? Daniel 1:20 says Daniel and his 3 companions were “10 times greater in all matters of wisdom and understanding”. How is that possible? Because he had a “Source” they had never met! If God can form a king out of a shepherd boy (King David), a deliverer on the back side of a mountain (Moses), & a godly ruler under a wicked king, from a slave boy (Daniel), what does he have planned for you to better those around you. What was their secret? They knew how to stay connected to their Source & guard their Source. Hear Chris explain how you distinguish yourself!

Distinguish Yourself

FINISH THE JOB – “It’s time for you to finish exactly how you start!”

Do you have a habit of starting, but never finishing? Are you starting to become weary of your current assignment and finding it difficult to see it through to the end? In this message, Chris explains there is no “cheating the system” or “cutting corners” in

the Kingdom! In this message Chris teaches how to carry the level of faithfulness that will have you and everyone around you “eating from the good of the land” (Isaiah 1:19). It’s time for you to finish exactly how you started!

Finish The Job

FUELED BY FIRE“…But One who is more powerful than I will come… He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and FIRE.” – Luke 3:16

John 3:16 is well known & important, but Luke 3:16 is equally important! John the Baptist declares Jesus will baptize His church in the Holy Spirit and with FIRE! What is the baptism of fire? In this message, Chris, shares how fire isn’t another Christian buzz

word, and the crucial role it plays in a believer’s life. If you desire freedom in an area, power in another or a steady flow of revelation in your life, you will have to go through the baptism of fire. Get ready to be “Fueled By Fire!!

Fueled By Fire


Do you know how to be encouraged & does courage know how to find you? How do you not become battle weary when all you ever do is battle? How do I stay encouraged with my family, work and personal walk? In this message, you will discover practical ways to guard & build courage when you’re facing any situation. Quit letting circumstances, weaknesses and the enemy steal the courage you need to fulfill the assignment on your life, and learn what is it is to “encourage yourself in the Lord” (1 Samuel 30:8)!!

How To Stay Encouraged


“You haven’t done anything wrong, you’ve been destined for something right!”

Ever felt like your journey has become overwhelming and difficult? Maybe you’ve felt like you did something wrong and that’s why things are so hard. It’s not that you’ve done something wrong, it’s that you’ve been destined for something right. Chris gives powerful insight as to why your “training season” looks different from everyone else’s. God is training you for the unpredictable, which requires a unique preparation style. Everything you are going through is for a reason!

It's For A Reason


“What to do between promise & fulfillment”

Do you have promises that have not come to fulfillment yet? Have you begun to let the dreams from decades ago begin to die? In this powerful message, Chris brings understanding to why your promises might be delayed and gives insight on what to do with the space between “promise” and “fulfillment”. God is constantly building you to carry His promises, but He is always more concerned with who you’re becoming instead of what you’re doing. It’s time to start walking in your promise NOW!

In The Meantime


“When He says you’re ready, that’s when you’re ready!”

Have you ever had unexpected moments come across your life you wish you could do over? When unplanned moments occur, do you reject them for not having enough time, money, or talent to take full advantage of the opportunity? When these key moments come, we dismiss them quickly because we weren’t “ready” for them. In this message Pastor Chris declares it’s time to break away from a “natural ready” and embrace a “supernatural ready” to lead our lives. God has great plans for you that don’t always come in the ways we anticipated them, which is why we must be LIVING READY. Because when He says you’re ready, that’s when you’re ready!

Living Ready


“If God wanted to give you more, could he?”

At some point you’re going to have to recognize He has put greatness on the inside of you and greatness will always request for you to change. Are you making room for the new? New will give you an appetite for the impossible. New will lead you to the unfamiliar. New is not repacking what’s has been done and calling it new! If you don’t go through the process to get it, you’ll never have the power to keep it. It’s time to make room for the new!

Make Room For The New


Do you have moments in your life you wish you could do over? What if you’re living in one of those moments right now? How do break the power of guilt, shame & secrets and walk in freedom? Chris shows you, through Peter’s encounter with Jesus after he

denied Him three times, how to deal with the pain & anguish of weak moments & mistakes. Don’t let your past be too much to carry; it’s time to start living with NO REGRETS!

No Regrets


Were you physically there when Jesus was crucified, resurrected, & ascended into heaven? Acts 1:8 promises we will “receive power to be a witness.” The word witness means, “someone who has seen something take place.” So what are we receiving this power to be witness of? The truth is, you weren’t physically at the crucifixion, resurrection, & ascension, but you are a  witness of your changed life! In this message, Chris teaches this power we are being entrusted with is to produce fruit for a godly life & to be a walking revival everywhere you go. Acts 1:8 changes EVERYTHING!


RELEASING REVIVALISTS“What you really need is courage!”

How different would your life be if you lived “encouraged” 100% of the time? Would you take more risks? Would you dream bigger dreams? Would your marriage, kids and career look like it does today? In this message, Chris shows you exactly what you need to break the fear of failure and fulfill the assignment on your life. Because let’s face it, on the other side of all the preparation, training, & equipping what you really need is courage!

Releasing Revivalist
“Freedom is heavens top priority”
As pastors, parents, & leaders we have the responsibility to increase the freedom in the lives of those around us. Limitless Influence is a curriculum will give you the tools, language, and confidence on how to draw the best out of people.The truths in this curriculum have been used in many different spheres – For the pastor or leader who wants to shape character and wisdom in the toughest moments of discipleship, you will gain confidence that your words and actions will be caught and walked out. For the business owner who wants to get more out of their employees, you will be given strategies and language to increase productivity & develop a culture of honor. For the parent who wants to surface their child’s greatness, you will be given words that won’t fall on deaf ears.Limitless Influence Curriculum Includes:
Session 1: The DNA of A Mentor
Session 2: 3 Types of Mentors
Session 3: Freedom – Heaven’s Top Priority
Session 4: Imparting Love Instead of Fear
Session 5: The Language of A Mentor
Session 6: Creating Powerful People
Session 7: Mistake Management
Session 8: The Discipleship Process – Making Disciples
Session 9: Discipleship Barrier – How To Deal With Discouragement
Session 10: Royalty Raises RoyaltyIt’s critical for us to produce “heart transformation” instead of “behavior modification” into the lives we have been entrusted. When we create an environment where it’s safe to fail and growth is unlimited, we will get peoples very best. It’s time to raise royalty in your own home and create powerful people!Group Curriculum Includes:
10 video session on 4 DVDs (35 Minutes or more per session)
5 Limitless Influence Curriculum Workbook for all 10 video sessions
Limitless Influence
Limitless Influence Curriculum Workbook for all 10 video sessions
Limitless Influence Curriculum Workbook
Group Curriculum Includes:
10 video session on 4 DVDs (35 Minutes or more per session)
5 Limitless Influence Curriculum Workbook for all 10 video sessions
Limitless Influence: Group Set
5 – Limitless Influence Curriculum Workbook for all 10 video sessions
5 Limitless Influence Workbooks

FINISHER will blow the dust of discouragement, partial obedience, and bad timing off the dreams & assignments of God on your life. This book speaks to everyone who has ever struggled to find the courage to complete everything from marriages, to business plans, to following the call of God on your life, to taking stands for righteousness. It exposes the lies and patterns that try to kill dreamers and paralyze the risk takers from emerging into their God given destiny. We are living in a crucial moment in history and it is vital to let ruthless hope & determination, carry us to finish what He has called us to do. A prophetic call is thundering right now to live from heavens perspective, run with divine focus, & transform society. No more living with regrets & excuses, this book will develop a holy discomfort to FINISH exactly how you started.

Pre-Order Finisher Book

THE FINISHER PACKAGE: Along with Pre-Ordering the Finisher Book, you will get the companion sermon “Finish the Job”

Do you have a habit of starting, but never finishing? Are you starting to become weary of your current assignment and finding it difficult to see it through to the end? In this message, Chris explains there is no “cheating the system” or “cutting corners” in the Kingdom! In this message Chris teaches how to carry the level of faithfulness that will have you and everyone around you “eating from the good of the land” (Isaiah 1:19). It’s time for you to finish exactly how you started!

Finisher Package: Finisher Book + Finish The Job Message


After a church or ministry has a powerful & fresh encounter with God, leaders are many times confused on what the next steps are and never capitalize on what’s God has done in them and what he is wanting to do through them. This series is built to help you sustain the hunger & momentum inside of your people and release them to take spiritual responsibility of their sphere of influence.

This series includes notes for 5 messages to minister immediately after your group has had a strong move of God on the topics of:

  1. A New Normal – This message is going to solidify what has taken place in their hearts and encourage them to feed on things that will continue to grow & strengthen them
  2. A Dangerous Life – Its crucial to not go back to who we were before we encounter God in such a powerful way. He’s asking us to follow him and to start sharing what happened inside of us with everyone around us.
  3. A Super-Natural Life Part 1 & 2 – This is two part series designed to equip your people to walk in supernatural power and then be released to go on an outreach (Treasure Hunt) to the community around them to demonstrate Jesus’s love & power. Your people will also be given the goal to get at least one person to the next message so they too can have the opportunity to meet Jesus.
  4. You Got The Wrong One – This is an easily illustrated message aimed at leading people to Jesus. Your people will have invited friends, family, neighbors, even people they met on their treasure hunt outreach to be in attendance as this message is given.

Also included:

  • 5 video illustrations from Pastor Chris Estrada helping your minister in all of The Ruined Life series messages
  • 2 messages that will help you capture the heart of The Ruined Life, preach the messages in this series, and encourage & equip you.
    • Dangerous Places
    • The Ultimate Treasure Hunt
  • The Treasure Map
  • Media Package complete with title and sermon slides

There are two questions people spend their lives trying to answer, “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?” This world is full of opportunities & choices, and if we don’t know our identity and destiny we could end up in a career, relationship, or situation we’re not built for. In Kingdom Identity, you’ll learn that knowing “what” you’re called to is knowing “who” you’re called to. But before you know “who” you’re called to, you need to know who YOU are. Kingdom Identity will establish unshakeable identity and bring you to your destiny training. It will reveal the inheritance of being “in Christ”, it will help you understand the process of lifelong change and transformation, and help develop your God-given identity that will lead you to your destiny track. Get ready as Pastor Chris passionately shares these insights that will give you endurance and clarity to live the life you were designed to live! Curriculum includes 8 sessions on DVD set & a workbook

Kingdom Identity Sessions:
1 The Indestructible Life
2 The Reason of Being Hidden
3 Change Me
4 Making Room For The New
5 In The Mean Time – Waiting For Change
6 Discovering Identity
7 Discovering Destiny
8 Destiny Decisions
Kingdom Identity
The Awakening Track is a proven growth strategy built for people to encounter Jesus, be discipled, and then take spiritual responsibility for their sphere of influence. The impact of this 7 week journey establishes a strong spiritual maturity and an unwavering kingdom lifestyle producing a healthy culture and builds the local church. Nothing creates momentum & expectation like souls being saved, lives being transformed, and people realizing they can be a walking revival everywhere they go. The Awakening Track is simple, practical, & powerful!
The Awakening Track includes 2 growth tracks:
“Encounter Weekend” – The goal of the Encounter Weekend is to win people to Jesus and start setting in a spiritual foundation for them to build on.
Sessions included:
  1. “The” Encounter
  2. Sin Wall
  3. Sin Habits vs. God Habits
  4. Freedom Part 1
  5. Freedom Part 2
  6. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  7. Purpose
  8. Water Baptism
“Revivalist Lifestyle” – Revivalist Lifestyle will establishes key spiritual disciplines essential for every believer
Sessions included:
  1. The Word – Your source
  2. Prayer – Daily Communication
  3. Relationships – Pillars for healthy relationships
  4. Servanthood – Serve like kings, rule like servants
  5. Target 5 – Taking spiritual responsibility for those around you
  6. Supernatural Lifestyle
Awakening Track